You Are Welcome at the Hemet Seventh-day Adventist Church Services

Our Main Church Services Are Saturday Mornings: All Are Welcome!

Sabbath School at 9:30-10:40am 

Sabbath School.  Interactive Bible study by age groups. 

Your children will love their classes with singing and stories. 

Worship at 10:50am-12:15pm

Sabbath Worship Service in the Sanctuary for ALL!

Children's Church and Tween Church on the 1st Sabbath of each month.

You are welcome at these weekly Bible studies:

Monday evening at 6:00pm at Jim and Mackie Hagerman's @ 1630 San Marcos Drive,  Hemet.  
Wednesday afternoon at 4:00pm Bible study in the Library.

Thursday evening at 6:30pm, Valley Youth Alive! An interactive meeting for Jr. High, Youth and Young Adults.

 Saturday morning from 9:30am-11:40pm   Bible study for all ages in  various small groups. 

Men's Ministry Breakfast at 8:00am the 1st Sunday of each month in the Fellowship Hall.

_________________________________________________________________________________  Thanksgiving Fellowship Luncheon is November 22, 2014!




Sabbath Sunset Time


Place: Hemet, CA

Start: 04:47 PM, 12/19/2014

End: 04:48 PM, 12/20/2014

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